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R-Mean – Real Ones Ft. Krayzie Bone & DB Bantino

R-Mean-Real Ones Ft Krayzie Bone-DB Bantino , Sometimes Mondays can be a drag – the weekend is over, you still have several days left before you get to the next one and, between in-office duties and other commitments outside of work, there can be a sense of mental fatigue associated with the most dreaded day of the week.

Thankfully, we here at HNHH have a reliable remedy to those Monday blues and it’s called Mean Mondays. Every week for a year, rapper R-Mean is handing us a different track and taking us on a musical journey that will brighten the day of every hip-hop head who currently feels trapped in their cubicle.

Today’s installment in the Mean Mondays tradition comes with an extra-cool featured artist tagging along: the legendary Karyzie Bone. A veteran rapper who’s a part of the popular group Bone Thus-n-Harmony, he’s also released some really dope solo work that reached its peak in 2006 when he guested on Chamillionaire’s uber-popular track “Ridin’.” Stream R-Mean-Real Ones Ft Krayzie Bone-DB Bantino and share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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