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Actress, Christabel Ekeh Went Completely Naked On Instagram For This Reason

Actress Christabel Ekeh Went Completely Naked On Instagram – Nollywood actress Christabel Ekeh says showing nude pictures of herself via social media was a method for acquainting with the world the “New” Christabel.

The performing artist a couple of days prior intensely sprinkled on her Instagram page naked photographs of herself in a yoga sitting position and in a nearly reverse somersault position.

These photos which since its posting have pulled in a great deal of feedback and talk have been removed the page by the application also (Instagram).

In a meeting with Joy News’ MzGee, the performer conceded,

“I saw the page was brought down yet it’s my method for inviting everybody to the new Christabel”.

At the point when asked who this ‘new Christabel’ was, the performer who has featured in well known films like ‘potomanto’, and ‘sweet slip-up’ replied, “it is whoever you can envision.”

“That is the reason I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you need to wear on me, that is your creative ability”.

In opposition to theories that the actresses’ record may have been hacked into and the photos posted by another person, the on-screen character assumed liability for the demonstration.

She clarified that she likewise “unfollowed” everybody on her Instagram in light of the fact that she needed to “take after” God and not individuals.

These current practices of the bubbly performing actress, combined with her claim half a month prior to have fallen head over heels in adoration with a man who abducted her a few months back have caused the showbiz club to scrutinize the on-screen characters’ mental state.

In reply to these hypotheses, Miss Ekeh stated, “ people are saying this, people are saying that; everybody has their opinion, their own imagination, but I’m fine and I give God all the glory”.

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